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*Fundraise: Do you want to raise money for our cause? Try selecting Literacy of Love on Amazon Smile and give back every time you shop. LoL has lots of creative and fun ways to raise money! Shoot us an email for info. 

*Get the WORD OUT: Like and share Literacy of Love on Facebook and Instagram.  Check out our website, too!  

*Shop: Literacy of Love has authentic Ugandan crafts for sale online and at Christie’s Boutique in Olean.  Throughout the year, we also advertise for special craft market events. 

*Ambassador Project: Buy a handmade ambassador! S/he comes with a book bag, journal, and a book that shows authentic pictures and teaches about life in Uganda. 

*Church Based: Cari has been a guest speaker at various events and has provided both mission moments and full length sermons! 

*School Based:  Are you a teacher or children’s club leader? Want to connect kids across the world?   Contact Cari for some simple programs!