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Sponsorship gives the gift of shelter, food, and education for a year.  It ensures education no matter the circumstances. Our children range from preschoolers to university and vocational students. Some children have a private tutoring, mentorships, and education for the disabled. Most sponsorship is long-term. We hope that sponsors will follow their child through the completion of schooling and see their child into independence. Sponsorship can also include short-term commitments which help older members become entrepreneurs. Young adults starting a small business not only provides employment but also generates money to support other children of LoL.

All worthwhile education in Uganda is private, and children typically board at school. Our goal is to build our own Secondary School to alleviate the high costs and burden of secondary school fees. Until that time, our children attend school together as family members.

To make our program as family-oriented as possible, Literacy of Love encourages communication directly with children via social media or letter writing.  CEO Cari Matejka knows each child personally, and the organization works hard to foster a personal connection between child and sponsor.

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