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Do you feel called to support Literacy of Love?

100% of all sponsorship and giving goes towards our programing.

There are no administrative costs.
  • Wholesale Shop: This provides an opportunity to buy all home and school needs from our own shop – both in bulk and at a discounted rate. It will provide jobs for our graduates and earn profits to build sustainability. $7,500
  • Clinic: Our clinic will be developed in 4 phases. We are currently completing the construction phase. Then, we will develop a laboratory followed by a pharmacy.  Lastly, we will complete the clinic. This will be the only clinic of its type and sophistication in our village.  The clinic will employ our graduates, create jobs, and generate income which builds sustainability for LoL. It will also provide free medical care for our children. Lab: $12,200, Pharmacy: $9,400, Clinic: $14,000
  • Transportation:  This goal pays for our family van which doubles as a taxi when it’s not in use at home. It creates income and employment.  $13,500
  • Garage/Mechanic Vocational:  Generates income and provides multiple jobs for LoL graduates. Repairs family van for free and becomes vocational center for future children to learn skills. Garage: $25,000, Land: $20,000, student hostels $15,000
  • Sponsorships: Sponsorship covers the cost of educating and boarding a child for a year.  Boarding covers housing and shelter. Fees are made yearly. Primary: $500, secondary: $900, vocational: $1,500, university: $1,700
  • Maize Mill: We purchased land and constructed the mill house.  We need to finish installing electricity as well as stocking food ingredients. This project enables us to process our own food from the farm while also providing a profitable resource to the community.  We will not only employ our own graduates, but we will also earn profits to build sustainability for LoL.  $15,000
  • Tour and Travel: By developing ecotourism, we will not only be able to employ our own graduates, but we will also create sustainability with profits. We will market our company with our history which will raise awareness about our program to people around the world.  This tourism budget includes a 4×4 Land Cruiser.  $25,000
  • Other Projects:   Garden development $2,000; 2 acres of adjacent farmland $9,000; Rentals $20,000; Secondary School $425,000; Audio Studio $15,000

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