1) Monthly Expenses:  monthly rent: $300, monthly food: $200, electricity: $30, water: $10, miscellaneous: $10 = $550

2) Permanent Orphanage Home:  $18,000 *By having a permanent home, we will reduce monthly expenses tremendously.   Our garden, piggery, and chicken project can be located on our land with the permanent home, and that will reduce rent of all of these projects. 

In Process: 

1) Garden Project: $1,400 (once paid—this will self-sustain)  *This is a LOL CHILD PROJECT.  Children do daily garden work, and when the cash crop is harvested, the workers will divide the profit. 

2) Piggery: $600 (once paid—this will self-sustain) *This provides an income to pay for monthly expenses. 

3) Chicken Project: $1,800 (once paid—this will self-sustain) *This provides an income to pay for monthly expenses. 

4) Transportation Project: We own a truck, car and boda boda. The truck is used to haul materials and employs a few of our children.  The car is a family car but is used for hire when not needed at home.  It also employs family members and makes money to provide income. The boda boda is used as a business to generate income.  

5) Eucalyptus: The plantation was planted so in years to come it could be sold as a cash crop. 


4) Clinic:  $15,000 *This will provide free medical care for our children. It will also employ our LoL university graduates (1 doctor, 1 lab tech, 1 nurse).   We will also set up a medical closet and medication stipend. 

5) Hair Salon: $1,000 *This will provide children with free haircuts. It will also employ 2 of our grown kids. 

6) Soccer Team: $1,500 *This will provide many of our kids a healthy activity to lead a disciplined life.     Soccer is competitive and is profit making.  It’s a very popular business and highly sought after activity.   It keeps kids off the street and gives economic opportunities. 

7) Sports Shop: $2,000 *This will provide two of our children a job. We will purchase all of our team needs from this shop.  

8) Maize Mill: 5.5m *We will grow maize which can be processed into feed for our pigs and chickens.  We will also use this mill to hire for rent and generate income. 

9) Girl Power: $500 *This pays for an expert to speak to girls about female health and family planning.   It will provide basic hygiene products (like underwear and reusable pads).  This will also pay for   transportation for girls to travel to our meeting.