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Literacy of Love has nearly 60 sponsored children and even more members ranging from toddlers to grandparents. We sponsor primary, secondary, vocational, university students and young entrepreneurs.

We celebrated graduation of many grown children from our program who have overcome destitution and hopelessness. We have welcomed a plumber, engineer, doctor, driver, and laboratory technician to our success stories.

We are thrilled, thankful, and most of all blessed to be proud owners of our permanent home, an acre of farmland, and 8 shops in the village. We even employed some of our grown children who are business owners and who are helping us build our future as vocational teachers and workers. Our young entrepreneurs inspire our younger members with their success in owning and managing their own businesses which range from tailor, designer, barber and welder.

Our current projects and development include a maize mill so that we can not only process our food from the farm, but we can also utilize this as a business which will earn LoL income and provide jobs. In addition to that, we are developing a clinic which will be complete with a laboratory and pharmacy. It will alleviate medical costs and provide free medical care for our children while also creating jobs, employing our own graduates, providing a valuable village resource, and developing sustainability through generating revenue.

Our vision is big because our success has been big! We’ve got nearly a decade of established relationships and community involvement which demonstrate our measurable change. We walk in faith to create a family, change lives, and develop a new and hopeful history. We raise Ugandan children with values to be Ugandan leaders.